DCC & Wiring. 

If you are on DCC, depending on the size of your layout depends what you need. You may sometimes hear terms such as Bus Wire, or Busmain wires, dropper wires etc. These are not always required. Most small to medium layouts should be OK, with just the two wires from your DCC controller to the track, and it will work just fine. 

However sometimes, as your layout expands and grows, the more power you need. Bus wires and Droppers help to keep a strong current going throughout the whole of your layout. Here you will find hints and tips about wiring and using a DCC system. 

Please do not hesitate to ask in store for further details about the DCC system and we'll try our best to help you out! 

How to wire DCC using Buswires and Peco Dropper wire fishplates. (Video from New Junction) 
Wiring a DCC Bus (Video from Chadwick Model Railway)